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TM Base

Its Austro-Hungarian tradition, its multiculturalism, as well as its status as an innovative city have determined that Timisoara unreservedly adopts any new musical current. But more than that it has made itself a tradition of making new musical styles popular throughout the country by means of festivals that have become models for other cities and which have transformed themselves from underground affairs to mainstream events.

TM Base and Simultan cover electronic music, both danceable and experimental. The first takes place in industrial halls while the second makes use of the Synagogue in the Citadel. Reclaim! Underground is a long-lived festival of punk music, post punk and other forms of rock that has now gone through 12 editions. Although a festival of gypsy music, IRAF has reached the point where it incorporates DJs and musical producers from the electronic and alternative zone—integration being a road with two directions.

In parallel, for 12 years now AnonimTM, a platform for local DJs and VJs (i. e. Visual Jockeys), constantly enlivens the musical life of the city through live streaming and weekly parties—in the majority of Timisoara’s clubs and throughout the country.

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Urban Music

Synagogue in the Citadel
Str. Mărăşeşti nr. 6 

Setup Venue & Club
Str. Pestalozzi nr. 22


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